zondag 9 oktober 2016

Some Autumn Inspiration

So in Autumn it's all about layering and falling of leaves. I love to match my outfits to the beautiful Autumn colors outside; burgundy, brown, camel, red, green, custard all lovely. And combining them is even better!

Plus layering! I try to keep my actual winter wool in the closet until it's actually freezing so this time a year I am all about the layers! At the moment vests and body warmers are a big thing for me!

My tip for you: don't keep clothes per seasons!

Summer tops can work perfectly as body warmers or under a warmer vest or blazer. Summer dresses can be stil be worn when the wind starts blowing, put a nice top with long sleeves under it or a blouse or s jumper over it and wear it as a skirt! Try to be creative! Don't wait for the next summer to find out your summer garderobe doesn't fit or suit you anymore. Or that the seasons have changed and so did the trends and your old summer clothes just won't do.

Here some Fall inspiration for you guys:

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