zaterdag 19 november 2016

Lingerie dreams

So I bought some new lingerie and it's gorgeous! I love to wear beautiful stuff under my Christmas pretties cause when you go chic you go all the way chic! (Meaning Christmas cookie socks and sweaters of course)

I just love to go all out at the holidays even if it's just meeting up with fam and brunch. Of course if you know me you'll notice I am never ever a down dresser.  When it comes to make up I am pretty lazy, but with clothing.. I just feel better when I wear something that makes me feel pretty. I also notice that the days I do wear my joggs I tend to stay home all day and get a little sad and go binch eating. Nice clothes just won't let you door that!

I got these from Doutzes new collection by Hunkemoller. I must say I am quite taken by the lot of them. Go check out the whole collection Doutzes Stories here. This is the one I bought: 

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