dinsdag 11 april 2017

70s Spring Vibes by howtowearbyella

Good day to all you sweet people!

As promised some more inspiration and shots from my seventies chic look on instagram @ellabeentjes. The fun thing about fashion is when it comes to trends they tend to return ever so often. So with the return of the flared pants I decided to go all seventies chic.

For my 70s spring vibes outfit I didn't go for the obvious; being a top with floral print. This would have been the perfect seventies as well as spring touch to a look. No, I chose a happy lilac top I used in another outfit you can find on this blog. With the styling of this one I decided to make black the main color. The last weeks I had been wearing a lot of soft colors and not a lot of black so I needed a change of pace. Plus the lilac and black compliment eachother beautifully.

I wanted to add some depth to the look and just a purple top and black pants would be way too easy. You guys know me I am all about the layers. So I added a crossover black top I bought at the H&M. Tip! Buy a few pretty tanktops/lingerie tops like this. I have one in black, one in white, and one in pink and well a lot more! They are a daily add to any of my looks so I am pretty much hoarding them! you can go for a crossover top but a top with nice lace details will also be a lovely layer to any look.

Adding a layer is my way of making a look mine. It is the perfect way to show your style. Unless it is really hot than it is the perfect way to show everyone you can sweat like a pig, atleast in my case. When/ if that day comes I'll give you another way to add a bit of you. I say if cause well I live in Holland. For us Dutchies that is enough, but I'll explain: hot weather isn't really a Dutch thing..

With this look the shoes don't really matter. The flared pants totally cover them up. Nevertheless I chose a black pair of ankle boots, to make sure that if you'd see them they wouldn't be out of place. Another reason for this is the fact my pants are flared and a bit too long so this way the pants hangs on my ankle boots. What you could do to make sure you don't fall over your flared pants is; add a pair of platform shoes to the look. I don't have them yet, but they are totally on trend!

Here below you can see this look while moving and see some close up details I added (plus love this song) :

In the collage below I give some examples of a look like mine you can buy yourself. The look on the left is a bit more preppy than hippy. By adding the cap the look gets a totally different fun vibe. Very on trend especially with the ruffled cropped pants.

70s Spring Vibes by howtowearbyella

The look in the middle is the most boho chic. The flared jeans are the perfect way to get the 70s vibes going. To make this look extra hippy like I added a cute flower crown to the mix and some cute flipflops. Something else you could add is a flowerprinted bag!

The look on the right is most like mine. A hat is always a great fashionable add to any look and totally my style. This hat does look a lot like mine. I heard a lot of people praising my hat so if you want a lookalike this is your chance. This look is a bit less girly than the others because of the crossover top and hat. These adds give more cool vibes. Also I went from ruffled, flared to cropped pants. Add a pair of leather black mules and get more of a rock chick vibe.

Below some more shots of my look:

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  1. I love the unique way you've layered that criss-cross top! You always wear hats so well too! I'm definitely digging the 70s vibes of this outfit! Hope you're having a great week so far beauty!

    Rina Samantha