zondag 7 mei 2017

Black Country Lady #howtowearbyella

Howdie my lovelies! So for all you guys who know me for a while, I am a bit of country fan. I love the show Nashville and have been listening to country non stop the last couple of weeks. Artists like Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood are my favorite!

When it comes to clothing. First of all my addiction to hats is a big hint. But there is so much to love when it comes to country chic! Ofcouse there are the basics; cowboy boots, belts (the ones with the two buckles especially), the hats and the chokers.

Further on you got two basic looks: denim shorts, white tee, pointed cowboy boots and ofcourse the hats a.k.a. Cowboy casual. But you also got the cowboy classy look; meaning lots of lace, chic hats, belts and body hugging dresses en skirts. That is the style I have gone for in the look below.

I choose for an all black look and all though it seems like I am wearing a dress, I am actually wearing a skirt and top. When wearing an all black look it is fun to wear different kinds of black; black lace, black velvet, black leather and so on.
In this case it is somewhat different though. I wanted to create a look that would look like it was an whole instead of two different pieces. The tric here is to add a belt. The belts breaks the black look and kind of magically makes the two black look more similiar. It works the same with shoes and a top. Imagine if your shoes would have to be the exact same black as every black top you wear! The pants breaks the look and makes the two different colors black lookalike.

My instincts always tells me; go for the black hat. When I started wearing hats I was trying
lots of different ones. First a basic small black not that visible hat(or so I thought) and than a basic in between boho chic hat that was totally on trend in the festival season and after that I tried everything; A French baret, a summer hat, a small 'Charlie Chaplin' hat, a down town abby hat I mean literaly everyting. I am, happy to admit, a total hat addict.

Then a few months ago it happened, I found the perfect hat. It happened like it does with many of my clothing favorites I see them, they jump out at me and I don't know.. The hat was a bit more expensive than I would have liked especially cause I already hat like 4 black hats, but this one was something special so I bought it. The moment I got it I couldn't stop wearing it. The fit and model; it is perfect! But then I forgot about all my other hats. But now this hat is back on my radar and back in my garderobe for the next seasons to come. So my tip is; go through your closet once in a while go and look in the back and try some things you haven't worn in ages, maybe they suprise you or maybe it is simply time to pass them along to a friend or second hand shop.

Back to this outfit. When it comes to off shoulder tops I like them with a bit of sleeve. In my opinion it is a bit more chic that way and the naked shoulders are sexy enough. Also I love the lace on the bottom of this skirt. another touch which gives this look that little bit more class. Don't forget to check the fashion collage with shop options below!

Below; some items inspired on the look I am wearing, so you can get it yourself.

Black Country Lady #howtowearbyella

Black Country Lady #howtowearbyella van ellabeentjes met midi dresses

What do you guys think? The straw or should I have worn the black hat?

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