zaterdag 5 augustus 2017

Floral prints @ellabeentjes

This post is for those who follow me on instagram @ellabeentjes or on Facebook Howtowearbyella or just the curious newcomer and wonder how to get your own #howtowearbyella styled look. Here on I take some looks from my own lookbook and give you the chance to buy and style one just like it. On a nice budget of course. Have fun styling and get inspired! xoxo Ella 

Although the weather here in the Netherlands at the moment makes me think more of Autumn than Summer; it is actually still summer and at any moment the sun can come through and the tempertures can go up *still praying*. So to get a bit more in the summer spirit I am going for a very sunny look this time.

This look for example I wore a few weeks ago and that day it was hot, it feels like years ago sigh. This look started out a floral top with white shorts, but I decided that would be boring and to easy. I mean of course white and yellow go together easy, but I needed more of a challenge and than I remember this skirt. I thought I could go and see how these florals work together.

While the skirt is based on a black backdrop and the top on yellow the colors match just fine. If the skirt would have been longer and the shirt had long sleeves it would propably be too much print but as a summer look with enough skin these two prints work lovely.

Below I give you some options and looks you can buy yourself flowers all over! Want to see more? Go check out the rest of my page or go to my polyvlore page.

Floral prints @ellabeentjes

Hope you got inspired! LOVE YOU GUYS! Stay lovely! 😘

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