zaterdag 3 september 2016

Second summer shoot: Polka dots

Polka dotted

The polka dot print is the happening trend at the moment plus uber cute! Especially really fitting on blouses and dresses, pants could be real fun but for a lot of people a bit too much of a good thing.
A lot of people already have problems with wearing print. Polka dot however is a pretty accessible print especially in the tiny variant. It adds just a bit of sophistication without looking like your chanelling your inner Mini Mouse. I like my prints and looks a little out there so I am opting for a medium size dot. 
I do have some tricks I use to stop myself from looking like one big table cloth while wearing prints. Go for some skin. My go too move when it comes to wearing prints on blouses; make it a vneck! The flash of skin is a nice break from the print stopping it from looking like one big front. 


The espadrilles are a summer love of most and these with the lobsters are extremely cute! They are my first however and although they are quite comfy I am having trouble pulling them out of their boxes.
It's not that I can't combine them, but more that my leather booties are so comfortable that most of the days they are my easy fix while I already know I can walk on those for hours. I will go and try to wear them more them being so cute and all. 
Oh another reason I am having trouble putting them on is; they are white. White and Ella means stains within the minute. 


The hat in this picture is from a second hand shop: 2,5 euros! So I like hats and I can not lie! Are you out there looking for a hat, but don't want to go all expensive?  A lot of second hand shops like the Kilo shop in Amsterdam have an selection of super cute, super original and not that expensive hats! I know what you're thinking but they clean new arrivals firercly, so don't fred!

Where from:
Hat: second hand shop Castricum
Necklace choker:
Necklace gold: H&M
Blouse: Primark
Short: Primark
Shoes: Sissyboy

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